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ava sustain

promoting sustainability
in science

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Laboratory work leaves behind a considerable ecological footprint
due to its massive consumption of energy, water, materials,
equipment, and reagents. 
On top of that, lab work produces an enormous amount of waste -- including heaps of single-use plastic waste.
Ava Sustain is a small value-driven company based in
Copenhagen, Denmark, aiming at reducing the environmental impact
and the carbon footprint of lab work.

I offer seminars, workshops, project management
and consultancy services to help public institutions, private companies,
labs and individuals reduce their ecological footprint.

What people say

We have had the pleasure of working with Nikoline for 6 months to kick-start the process of improving the sustainability of our lab facilities and workflows.

At Gubra, we already have an intense focus on improving sustainability in all aspects of our business, but Nikoline still managed to provide us with surprising facts, new learnings, and very concrete suggestions for how to improve further. Nikoline’s willingness and ability to delve into and guide us through the more complex problems was also highly appreciated. During her time at Gubra, Nikoline worked with both scientists and lab techs and managed to inspire and engage everyone with her obvious passion, curiosity, and communication skills. 


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Nina Buch-Månson

Senior Research Scientist


Rasmus Willig, Ph.D.

Head of CSR


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