-70 is the new -80

Did you know that a single -80°C freezer can consume more energy than an average household?

The good news is that most samples are just fine at -70°C!

Having an ultra-low freezer set to -70°C instead of -80°C reduces energy consumption by 20-40%! It also prolongs the life of the freezer and it gives you less freezer alarms.

How amazing is that?

Hundreds of labs in academia and in the industry are already using -70°C instead of -80°C

-- and that means that there is a great deal of evidence that -70°C is a safe temperature to store samples.

Some of the labs that have switched to -70°C include labs at Harvard University, Imperial College London, University of Copenhagen and AstraZeneca just to mention a few.

How cold are your ultra-low freezers?

And would you be open to changing from -80°C to -70°C?

Read more and check if your specific type of sample can be kept at -70°C here:

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