Be realistic when turning on equipment

Lab work can be pretty busy so it´s super convenient that the heat block is nice and warm exactly when you need it.

But sometimes we turn on the heat block looong before it´s actually needed and instead of you waiting for it to be ready for 5-10 minutes, it waits for you for half an hour, an hour or even more.

So be realistic: When do you need this particular piece of equipment? And how long does it actually take for the heat block, rotator, centrifuge, LAF bench or whatever to get ready?

Most appliances take less than 15 minutes to get ready, so there is no need for keeping all kinds of equipment and appliances running all day long -- unless you are actually using it many times throughout the day.

You can MAKE IT EASIER for yourself by:

  1. Using a timer to measure how long it takes for whatever piece of equipment to warm up/cool down/get ready

  2. Putting a sticker on the equipment saying: "This [equipment] takes X minutes to get ready for use after turning it on"

This way, you and your lab mates will know exactly how well in advance you need to turn things on.

And that's good news for your energy bills and the planet!

You can also add an extra sentence such as "Turn off after use" or "Ask before turning off".


I recommend talking to your lab mates about it at a group meeting first, so they don´t perceive your stickers as being passive-aggressive or think you are pointing fingers ;)

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