Donate your surplus equipment to developing countries

If your lab is like most labs, you have equipment that is no longer in use and which is taking up space in cupboards, boxes, and basement rooms. Those appliances may no longer be needed for your scientific inquiries -- but they can help other scientists do important research!

By donating your surplus equipment to Seeding Labs, you can help researchers in developing countries address global health issues and teach the next generation of scientists.

That's great for humanity, science AND the environment -- cause it's much better when one man's trash becomes another man's treasure than when it ends up in landfills.

Some of the urgent equipment needs include pH meters, centrifuges, automated cell counters, microplate readers and PCR machines -- but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You can read more about the donation programs at -- and maybe you can consider if your lab has equipment to donate?

"Talent is everywhere. Resources are not. Together, we can change that."

(Seeding Labs)

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