How freezer drawers make a difference to the planet

How do freezer drawers make a difference to the planet?!

Well, when your samples and reagents are organised in drawers, they are easier for you to find compared to having everything swimming around in one big freezer area.

This way, drawers allow you to spend a shorter time to find what you are looking for -- and therefore you can shut the freezer door more quickly.

This means that the freezer temperature doesn't increase so much during your freezer quest -- and the freezer will therefore spend less energy on restoring the temperature after your visit.

That's good news for the planet -- and it's a win for you too: You will find your frozen stuff more quickly simply because it's easier to locate!

So if you are not already using drawers in your freezers, there's great potential for some serious energy and time savings -- especially if you decide to keep the drawers (somewhat) organised.

I can recommend having an overview of what's in the drawers on the outside of the freezer door!

Btw: Unlike the drawers in this picture, solid plastic drawers have an extra green feature: they reduce the increase in temperature by keeping the cold air inside the drawers when you open the door. So if you get to choose your drawers or if you are buying new freezers: pick the solid drawers!

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