Label thoroughly

Did you ever have to discard a vial of something because you didn´t know

  • how old it was

  • how many freeze-thaw cycles it had been through

  • what the concentration was

or because you didn´t actually know exactly what was in the vial?

When we are in the middle of an experiment, we sometimes take shortcuts to save a minute or two. The next timepoint is approaching too quickly, or you have too many parallel experiments running, so you end up labelling your tubes in the quickest way possible.

And you feel absolutely confident that you will remember what 'HeLa C3' means tomorrow, or in a week, in a month or in a year...

But what if you don´t remember?

It takes an effort to label stuff thoroughly, but it´s a great investment!

You won´t have to spend endless time searching your mind and your lab book to solve weird abbreviation riddles, and you won´t have to discard samples and aliquots of reagents that you simply don´t feel comfortable using.

And that´s good news for you AND the planet!

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