Make common agreements

Laboratories are extremely energy-intensive. In fact, laboratories consume more energy per square meter than any other industrial space except for data centers!

Some labs have reported to save up to 50% of their energy consumption simply by turning off equipment that isn't in use. That's truly mind blowing.

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO to make it easier for you and your lab mates to turn things off that you don't need?

1️. Make common agreements about when to turn equipment off: Go through your different appliances at a lab meeting and decide when to turn what off. Is it "Turn off after use", "Ask before turning off", "Never turn off", or "Turn off if you are the last person leaving the lab"?

2️. Use friendly reminders: Put stickers/labels on each piece of equipment to remind people what to do with this exact appliance (ie "Ask before turning off").

This way, you all know exactly what to do with each piece of equipment and you will be reminded (on site) to act according to the common agreement!

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