What you can do about pipette tip-related waste

How many pipette tips do you use in one 'typical' day in the lab? 20? 50? 100?

And how many tips does that add up to in a year? 5.000? 10.000? Or even more?

Pipette tip systems produce a loooot of plastic waste in the lab. Not only because we are using single-use plastic tips but also because many pipette tips systems rely on single-use plastic boxes as well.

Luckily, there are several ways to reduce the pipette tip-related plastic waste:

1️. Avoid single-use boxes by refilling your pipette tip boxes

2️. Change the brand of pipette tips and start using tips with reduced plastic content. This could be tips from StarLab or Labcon for example.

3️. Use take back programs or recycling programs for boxes via StarLab or GreenlabsRecycling for example.

4️. Get a benchtop pipette tip sterilizer from Grenova Solutions and reuse your pipette tips! Reusing pipette tips is not only SAFE and GREEN, it also helps fight pipette tip shortage which has become a reality due to the pandemic!

Do you think your lab mates would be open to one or more of the 4 options mentioned above?

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