Reduce autoclaving

Autoclaves are used to sterilise reagents, equipment, and hazardous waste in laboratories.

Unfortunately, autoclaves use an enormous amount of water and energy for heating and cooling. In fact, just one autoclave can consume as much energy in a year as 50 homes all together!

Reducing autoclaving thus makes a significant difference when it comes to the consumption of water and energy in your lab.

In addition, less autoclaving can reduce the waste production of the lab as many items are somehow wrapped prior to their autoclaving.

So what can you do?

  1. Autoclave only what is necessary. If it doesn´t have to be sterile, don´t autoclave it.

  2. Don´t run the autoclave unless it´s full.

  3. Share your autoclave with other labs if your lab alone isn´t able to fill it up within a meaningful period of time.

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