Reuse what you can

The work in biological labs is associated with an incredible amount of disposables and an extreme amount of plastic waste.

Most (if not all) of us have seen heartbreaking pictures of crazy amounts of plastic in rivers & seas and we've seen animals with plastic in their stomachs.

Those pictures make us want to act and we start considering how we as individuals can contribute to solving the world´s plastic problem.

Importantly, the plastic problem cannot be solved by recycling alone!

So rather than focusing on how the plastic is exiting your lab, you can try to reduce how much plastic is entering the lab in the first place.

One way to do that is to reuse plastic items whenever possible.

While some single-use items can be hard to reuse, others can easily be used more than once. Especially if you don´t need them to be sterile!

Some of the items that are well-suited for reuse (or repurposing) are conical tubes, scalpels, cell scrapers and pipette tip boxes.

Are you reusing any single-use items in your lab?

And do you know of other disposables that can be reused?

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