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Most labs have some 'standard' buffers which are associated with the techniques commonly used in the lab.

In my previous lab, we had a loooong list of standard buffers including EBC lysis buffer, denaturing lysis buffer, SDS running buffer, wet transfer buffer, and TAE buffer.

Sometimes you need liters of a buffer and sometimes you only need a few milliliters.

But it´s rarely (if ever!?) convenient to MAKE milliliters of a buffer...

Instead of making individual stocks of (standard) buffers, you can have common stocks.

Common stocks reduce the risk of buffers going old in cupboards all over the lab and thus reduce the risk of materials being wasted.


Not only has every reagent and material in the lab left an ecological footprint from its production and shipping -- it also takes a toll on the environment when we dispose of them. That´s why sharing your reagents makes a difference to the planet!

In addition, buffer sharing can save you time cause it really isn´t a lot more work to make a lot more buffer!

So maybe you can take turns making the standard buffers or make it someone´s lab duty to make them? Or if you´re one of the lucky ones to have a student assistant in your lab, maybe she will do it for you.

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