Think twice before autoclaving

Autoclaves are used to sterilise utensils, reagents and hazardous waste in labs and are indispensable for biomedical research.

Unfortunately, autoclaves are also top offenders when it comes to energy and water consumption in the lab!

In fact, an autoclave can consume as much energy in a year as 50 households, and one sterilisation cycle can require more than 300 liters of water.

That´s why your autoclaving habits have a great impact on the planet!


  • Don´t run the autoclave unless it´s full. 

  • Share your autoclave with other labs if your lab alone isn´t able to fill it up within a meaningful period of time.

  • Install water-saving devices on your autoclaves if possible.

  • If you´re purchasing a new autoclave: consider energy and water efficiency of the product.

And finally: Autoclave only what is necessary!

If it doesn´t have to be sterile, don´t autoclave it.

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