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My name is Nikoline Borgermann and I own and run
the value-driven company Ava Sustain.
I am a biochemist by training and an environmentalist by heart!
I have a PhD degree in Health and Medical Sciences from the University of Copenhagen and have worked in wet labs for more than 7 years
in Germany and Denmark.
I have always enjoyed working in a lab and love the combination of
office work, practical work, project planning and dissemination.
But one thing I never came to terms with is the ecological footprint of lab work. The heavy use of energy, water and consumables is definitely not improving the state of our planet --  and neither is the substantial 
amount of waste that lab work generates!

The good news is that companies, institutions, labs and individuals can do a lot to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint
of lab work without compromising the research.
That´s why I am here: to promote sustainability in life sciences and biotech.
I offer (online) courses, seminars and workshops on green lab practices
and sustainable procurement, I facilitate and manage green projects in laboratory contexts, and I provide flexible consultancy services.

Take a look at my services if you want to know more -- or get in touch 
for an informal talk about what I can do for you.

ABOUT: Image
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